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By choosing American Tree Service, Inc. our customers can rest assured that they have made the right choice for all of their tree care needs.

Tree Trimming

     American Tree is able to trim and shape your trees to promote healthy growth and longevity. Periodic tree trimming allows trees to better withstand wind storms and snow storms. Tree trimming is necessary for tree sustainability in urban forestry.

Fruit tree pruning

     American Tree takes great pride in being able to correctly prune all kinds of fruit trees. We have an extensive knowledge on the proper technique to ensure your fruits trees will flourish. The majority of our fruit tree pruning is done by hand not by machine. Yearly pruning will yield the best results for all fruit trees.

Hazardous Tree Mitigation

     American Tree is able to develop solutions for potential tree hazards in your yard. Some tree hazards may not be recognizable to the untrained eye. Give us a call today and we will send out one of our licensed arborist to inspect your yard for potential hazards.

Tree removal

     American Tree has the right equipment, tools and skills necessary to remove all sorts of unwanted trees. Our tree removal service is able to remove trees with Gypsy moth damage, storm damage, or trees that have become a hazard to you, your family and your home.

Storm Damaged Trees

    American Tree makes hazardous storm damage trees a priority. Storm damaged trees can create an extremely dangerous situation for you and your family.  American Tree will be there to assess the damage and remove the hazard. 

Brush Management

      American Tree has the right equipment to offer brush clearing and brush chipping services. Removing brush and other under growth will allow the mature trees to grow stronger due to less competition, while adding a park like feel to your property.

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